Pentagon, the U.S military headquarters came under attack momentarily when a suspected attacker stabbed an on-duty officer around 10:30 am.

The Pentagon was also temporarily placed under lockdown after the violent attack. Woodrow Kusse, Chief of the Pentagon Force Protection Agency stated that a violent attack was observed outside the main Pentagon building which included stabbing and gunshots. It resulted in many casualties and deaths. Woodrow Kusse is the head of the agency which is responsible for providing security to the Pentagon.

According to the reports, a police officer of the Pentagon died after getting stabbed during a violent outburst at a transit center located just outside the Pentagon building. The law enforcement agency responded immediately and shot the suspect at the spot.

The death of the police officer and the suspect were initially confirmed to the media by force officials who requested to stay anonymous but later on the incident and the deaths were confirmed by the chief security officer Woodrow Kusse.

According to the reports, the suspected killer attacked the officer and stabbed him right into the neck. The law enforcement officials responded immediately to the attack and killed the attacker. The suspected attacker was identified as Austin William Lanz, age 27, from Georgia.

An investigation has been started to determine the motive of the suspected attacker for the attack. Lanz joined the U.S. Marine Corps in October of 2012 but he separated himself less than a month later and never completed the course to earn the title of a Marine.

Records showed that he has been arrested multiple times in Cobb County, Georgia over trespassing, burglary, and theft charges. He was also referred for a mental health evaluation by a judge due to his erratic behavior in public.

The attack just outside the Pentagon alarmed the law enforcement agencies as the area is already kept on high alert at all times. This is the closest potential attack outside a federal government building since the Capitol Building Riots which took place on January 6th, 2021.

The Pentagon Force Protection Agency released a statement that confirmed the death of an officer in the line of duty. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin poured out his condolences on the loss of an officer while the flags at the Pentagon building were ordered to be flown at half-staff.