Pelosi and Schumer are once again seen politicizing the relief proposal introduced by the White House and Trump. The Secretary of Treasury, Mnuchin, presented the bill himself in front of the House, but it got rejected.

The differences between the Democrats and the Republicans have caused this rejection as the bill was presented. It was not aligned with the bipartisan proposal, which suggested that $600 should be given to individuals and $1,200 to couples.

This amount is considered to be half the amount that was paid in March as a result of the pandemic relief bill. The Democrats are demanding that a weekly federal benefit amounting to $300 must be added to this bill.

The secretary of Treasury, Mnuchin, has included $160 billion for state and local support so that they can provide assistance to more people. He attempted to attract the Democratic Party so that the bill can be passed in the House.

This bill was in a way politicized by Pelosi and Schumer, as they suggest that it conflicts with the bipartisan proposal. They were also of the opinion that the bill is going to reduce unemployment benefits, which is the need of time.

President Donald J. Trump has reduced the unemployment insurance amount, which was recommended in the bipartisan proposal. At the same time, Capitol Hill has been circulating a summary in which they have introduced $300 billion for PPP.

The bipartisan proposal is seemingly more robust as it includes education, rental assistance, and coronavirus vaccine development. The demand of Democratic senators to increase the overall paycheck amount is going to burden the economy.

Congress is trying to buy more time so that they can renegotiate the bipartisan proposal by looking at the government’s spending, whereas the Democrats are eager to get their bipartisan proposal approved by Congress as they consider it to be more efficient.

Both proposals need to be reconsidered because either one of them is going to be approved eventually and will benefit millions. The Democrats and the Republicans have to come to a conclusive point so that the general public does not suffer.

The relief bill presented by the White House also looks out for the small businesses through their Paycheck Protection Program. This must be a point of consideration for the Democrats to have a look at the bill once again.