Nancy Pelosi along with the House Democrats is of the view that President Trump has shattered the presidential norms and hence they have no choice but to unveil legislation. The Democrats believe the president has been breaking the powers of the executive branch and therefore they intend to considerably reduce these powers.

Democrats have set forth a package called ‘Protecting Our Democracy’. It includes objectives such as recording all the interactions between the attorney general and the White House in order to monitor the relationship between the White House and the Justice Department. Under the Hatch Act, a fine will also be implemented for any violations relating to this legislation.

Furthermore, it also aims to restrict presidential pardons and to ensure the executive branch meets the requirements of the congressional subpoenas. The Emoluments Clause of the Constitution will also be codified to restrict the executive branch in receiving foreign gifts.

The package also entails maintaining a check on the finances to discourage the president from profiting off his position and power. During his tenure in office, there has been a drop in the net worth of President Trump by almost 1.6 billion dollars.

They believe that legislation was vital due to the actions of the President. Moreover, they have stated it is their duty to the people of the United States to ensure they are holding the concerned accountable as well as keeping necessary checks so as to eliminate the violation of power. From their perspective, the democracy of the country is more at risk from within the country than from external threats.

Rep. Richard Neal has stated that congressional subpoenas are of the utmost importance and are not to be taken lightly. They are vital in keeping a check on any misconducts as well as taking preventive measures for the future.

According to the Democrats, the legislation is targeted towards the executive branch powers in general. However, one particular Rep. has openly stated that it was intended towards President Trump. Rep. John Yarmuth is of the view that the president shamelessly abuses his power because of his personal agenda. The probability of the Senate taking this matter is very low and the House Democrats do not expect they will be voting on the legislation this time around.