Ever since the relief package has been signed by Donald Trump, the talks about $2,000 checks have been doing rounds in the House. Pelosi is urging McConnell to get the Upper Chamber of the House to vote for these checks.

Donald Trump was in favor of these $2,000 checks and it was the reason that he was resisting signing the relief package in the first place. But after a while, he just gave in the idea of pursuing this amount and the papers right away.

The Democrats are showing interest in raising the amount from $600 to $2,000 and believe that the House should reconsider it. The House has already voted on it, but the Senate GOP seems to be divided on this issue.

As Pelosi has urged Mitchell to get the Upper Chamber to vote for this purpose, Mitchell has put forward other demands. A thorough investigation about the election rigging claims and reconsideration of immunity as per the law for the tech industry are the two demands he has presented to consider Pelosi’s recommendation.

They believe that these demands are of similar importance as the $2,000 checks. This issue is going to resonate in the Georgia runoff elections as the Senate’s decisive seats are under the limelight.

The Republicans are more divided than ever, and this is the time for the Democrats to strike. The Democrats believe that they have managed to gain political power over their counterparts.

Millions of Americans have lost their jobs because of the pandemic and they are looking forward to this relief package. The Democrats wanted to increase the amount of check as it was going to help many people.

Pelosi also highlighted that the Democrats wanted an increase from the very beginning. It was the Republicans who were divided about the relief package.

It is generally believed that McConnell’s demands to amend the immunity law are uncalled for. This is also not related to the COVID-19 situation or the stimuli package.

But even in this case, the Republicans have a divided front and very few of them supported McConnell with his effort. This allowed the Democrats to pin their political win over the Republicans.

Congress needs to work around this problem to understand that their contribution is important to society in this pandemic. However, the House is still indecisive of whether to vote on this or not, which may hamper the check disbursement process.