Nancy Pelosi, House Chairman, and a democrat from California backed Joe Biden as the future President of the United States and became an additional influential Democrat to openly support his supposed candidate amidst the sexual harassment accusations which were refuted by Biden.

Pelosi further shows her support in a video saying that Biden has all her respect and will make an amazing President who knows how to get things done.

Pelosi talked about the work of Biden in many policy fields, his ties with President Obama, his temperament, and his mindset behind the scenes.

Pelosi continued to talk highly of Biden saying that the man works with integrity and consistency, also his humbleness keeps him down to earth. America now needs a leader who looks far into the future and will struggle for his people.

In her acknowledgment video, Pelosi did not specify Biden’s sexual harassment allegations. She appeared on and no one asked her about those allegations.

Pelosi came on MSNBC for a brief interview with host Stephanie Ruhle on Monday right after she had endorsed Biden and again she was not questioned about the accusations of Biden.

When demanded a response, the office of Pelosi referred the media to look into her interview with Fox News on the 17th of April where she was questioned if she was pleased with Biden’s negation of the claims.

Chuck Schumer who is the Minority Senate Leader, did not elaborate on the complaint against Biden nor did the majority of the women on the Biden list for the Democratic National Committee or the Vice-presidential choices.

Some of the highly esteemed Democrats, who spoke, have mostly tipped over the accusation made in 1993, which was reiterated on Friday, when a listener reappeared alleging that the supposed victim was talking about the sexual harassment that Biden is supposedly committing against her daughter, without mentioning Biden or using the words “sexual assault.”