According to a recent study, people who already had suffered from the COVID-19 are still prone to getting re-infected. The researchers have claimed that vaccines are the best possible protection available against the novel coronavirus even for those individuals who have already endured this virus.

The study was recently published in Lancet Medical Journal which has collected data of millions of people who took PCR coronavirus tests last year in Denmark under the nationwide mass-testing initiative. The result showed that only 0.65% of people who had been previously COVID-19 positive during Denmark’s spring surge showed signs of getting it again due to the deadly second wave in the fall. Therefore, the team of researchers from the Statens Serum Institut of Copenhagen concluded that vaccines ensure a protection rate of 80.5% against reinfection.

The study suggests that elderly people are at a higher risk of reinfection from coronavirus as their immune system is weaker as compared to young adults. This has been the sole reason for the elderly population being gravely affected by a coronavirus.

The study also concluded that everyone should get themselves vaccinated, even those who have contracted coronavirus earlier.

Many researchers had been studying smaller groups to determine if coronavirus is contracted by an individual more than once or not. The studies concluded that it is possible but to a very rare extent. The study was conducted on a broader spectrum including individuals from different age groups.

The only notable thing to consider is that when this research was conducted in Denmark, new variants of coronavirus had not emerged, making the research results inconclusive. The research cannot be negated completely, though.

For example, researchers have concluded that the new strain found in Brazil infects the patients who had contracted coronavirus previously and affects their immune system severely. These new advancements need to be addressed in the study to make it comprehensive.