Since the coronavirus outbreak, airlines have recently started their operations again after a long break when cases had started to sky-rocket. Naturally, they have adopted strict policies like continuously wearing face masks during the entire flight to ensure the health and safety of all passengers on board.

However, following government-enforced rules has recently caused problems for an American Airlines flight attendant. After the flight attendant politely asked one of the passengers to put on her mask following airline policy, she ended up receiving a very hateful note at the end of the journey.

The passenger was wearing her mask only over her mouth, exposing her nose and when asked to wear it properly she completely lost it. She took the waste bag given by the airline and started writing a very degrading note addressed to the flight attendant.

In this note, she called the attendant a ‘glorified maid’ who needs to lose the attitude and learn how to talk to people. She further went on to say that no one cared about the airline’s seat policies or their issue against exposing the nose while wearing a mask.

The note also said how the woman finds it absurd that passengers have to take orders from someone whose salary they pay for and whose only purpose is to serve them food and collect their trash. She also called the attendant a cunt and a ‘mask Nazi’, as well as accusing her of wanting to do drugs like Meth.

The person said she chose to write on a waste bag because that is what she thought the attendant’s life was. Instead of writing her name, she signed the note by ‘a person who hates your guts.

A person with the username @hibiscuslacroix took to Twitter to post a picture of this shameful note. The person also expressed how they had enough of these kinds of inconsiderate people who think it is okay to abuse an attendant like that just for doing her job.

American Airlines also responded to the situation saying that they will not tolerate any kind of mistreatment of their flight attendants who work hard to ensure passenger health and safety. Therefore, they have currently banned the disrespectful passenger from using their airlines.