Where Coronavirus had destroyed the economic stability at a macro level, it broke the spine of a common man too. Not only the businesses and shopping centers went down in a great loss but all types of employments were affected by the pandemic.

The virus was truly unexpected. Even if it was expected it was not seen outside the boundaries of the place of its birth – China. But it went all over the world as the fire goes on in a forest.

With the spread of the coronavirus, people and government of respective states felt different scales got upset. As the tables were disturbed at the same time there were plenty of programs to prevent this crisis were launched.

Under this worldwide influence, many charitable programs were started to support the daily life needs of a common man. Amongst these, we acknowledge the efforts made by the cast of Parks and Recreation.

This program is intended to be broadcasted on national television during which the stars will motivate the public to make donations. Although, we are led by the precautionary measures and mainly ‘social distancing’ such types of activities are possible.

‘Where there is a will, there is a way!’ To maintain a significant physical distance to avoid the spread of a pandemic is possibly not the excuse to escape the scourge of this cracked condition.

Therefore, the cast of TV serial Parks and Recreation including Adam Scott, Rashida Jones, Nick Offerman, Chris Pratt, and Amy Poehler took this charitable program through technological means.

This program was intended to be made fun for the viewers by adding on the cast from a famous TV show. Seven seasons of this show have been aired on television and were loved by the public.

Therefore, including the casts from this majorly loved show added an elemental fun to the process of donations. Until the 21st of the fifth month (May), a huge amount had been collected by this half an hour show which aired in the late evening.

About $500,000 was gathered to serve those in need. All these acts that are preceded contribute to building the wall of togetherness strong and colorful again.