17 lives were lost three years ago in the Parkland School shooting. President Biden has expressed his solidarity with the victims and has emphasized the need for strict gun control laws.

The Biden Administration has called for strict control on the sales of guns. They also want authorities to conduct background checks for individuals who were sold the guns. The President has emphasized the urgency of the issue, claiming that they have got no time to delay it any further.

Governor DeSantis has highlighted the contributions of the Parkland community and claimed that they are committed to eliminating such factors that can sabotage the peace of the community.

The community has worked with government officials to make schools safer by installing the panic alert system.

The Alyssa Alhadeff bill has been passed into law to control gun assaults. She was one of the victims of the incident who lost her life on that fateful day.

The deadly violence in schools has rocked the nation over the years. The 2007 Virginia Tech shootings that claimed 32 lives. Similarly, the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in 2012, accounted for 28 lives.

There is an ongoing debate among lawmakers, and many communities have voiced their concerns before.

President Biden is pushing lawmakers to ban assault weapons and want gun manufacturers to play their role to control such incidents.

Addressing Congress on the third anniversary of the Parkland shooting incident, President Biden has asked Congress to approve a comprehensive reform of the laws for the possession of firearms.

The President has assured that his administration will not wait for the next massacre to happen, and want a speedy solution.
He also recalled that this massacre was not just an event. It has pushed the need to take every measure to solve the issue.