An Oxford – Worcester College being rigorously criticized for hosting a Christian Conference.

The college has been charged for “cancel culture” that caused “significant distress” to the children.

Earlier this September, the Oxford – Worcester College, Worcester, organized a Christian Concern camp for training during the summer vacation when the college was temporarily closed for the break.

The students who filed the complaint reported the week-long scheduled training camp hosted a speaker who was Islamophobic, came for “conversion therapy”. The last day was completed with discussions based on “the nature of Islam”

In its defense, the  Oxford – Worcester college said organizing such an event ‘was a serious failure” . It has caused significant distress as the students who got the leaflet from the event were mentally disturbed when they came back to the college after attending that event in summer break.

According to Christian Concern, the confession showed “cancel culture has once again demonstrated the power of its grip in one of our top universities’ and accused college leaders of ‘capitulating to an aggressive movement.’

David Isaac, who joined the college last year in July as a new Provost, ordered a probe into the event hosted in the summer vacation after receiving a complaint from the Student Union President.

David Isaac was the former chairperson of the (EHRC) Equality and Human Rights Commission. During his time there, he issued a guideline to preserve ‘freedom of expression amid growing criticism of no-platforming decisions”. Also, he had been the chairman of LGBTQ+ charity Stonewall.

Christian Concern, who organized the Wilberforce Academy at the Worcester college from Sept 6 to Sept 11, claimed that students who filed the complaint were not there during the seminar sessions.

The controversial event also welcomed Mike Davidson, who allegedly is associated with “Conversion Therapy”. Previously he said, “he ‘takes people seriously’ if they choose to move away from ‘homosexual practices and feelings.’

It has been 11 years now for Oxbridge Colleges to host The Wilberforce Academy annually. Back in 2013, Trinity College acknowledged its mistake for hosting a similar event during the Easter break.

Evangelical campaign’s spokesperson said they were clueless about any concerns. Moreover, the people who attended the event were “warmly welcomed at the college”.

Christian Concern’s chief executive, Andrea Minichiello Williams, told MailOnline, ‘Sadly, we have had no communication from Worcester college about these reports of an “apology” for hosting us, despite our attempts to contact staff and discuss what has been alleged”

She concluded her statement by saying, ‘We had such a warm welcome from them and it is upsetting that no one called us about it, to hear our side.”