The musical group that has ruled the world with its tunes for 6 decades is planning to release its 60th-anniversary album – Temptations.

The only original surviving member of the band Otis Williams gets nostalgic as he looks back – way back. He decided to remake the hit 1960’s track “Come On” as the closing track for this 60th-anniversary album.

This was the first-ever track released by the baritone singer along with the original group before temptations named as The Distants.

Temptations 60 is all set to be released worldwide on 28th January 2021. It will be a throwback to all the amazing doo-wop soul music that Williams and his band served in the past six decades making temptations one of the “most preeminent vocal groups in the history of popular music.”

Otis Williams stated that this anniversary project brings along nostalgia as sentiments run high along with a newfound energy that makes him go further and beyond his capacity at this age.

He said this anniversary project is “a chance to look back on a musical life of shared triumphs and personal tragedies, of groundbreaking artistry and career perseverance, and a story forged all those years ago in Detroit.”

He stated“All we ever wanted to do was sing — get a successful group, have fun, sing to the ladies, all that,” Williams said. “But we never had any inkling we’d still be doing it 60 years later, even with all the guys that have been in the group and helped us make those transitions. The world has still accepted and loved this group in spite of ourselves. So I’m sitting back and reflecting on that. This has been an amazing ride, and I’m enjoying it to the max.”

The album was announced officially by Universal Music and is said to include a three-part series that will have all the members of temptations – Otis Williams, Terry Weeks, Ron Tyson, Mario Corbino, and Willie Greene Jr.

“I can’t say what comes next, yet,” Otis Williams said. “I want to let the sunset on this anniversary album first and soak up the rays from our 60 years.”