The Democrat candidate Jon Ossoff has claimed that Democrats have raised over $100 million for each candidate to support their campaign. The Senate runoff elections are right around the corner and this is a huge amount, which is surely going to help Democrats during the elections.

Donald Trump has worsened the situation in the Senate runoff elections to be held on January 5. In the spur of the moment, he has asked Congress to approve 2,000 USD stimuli checks as part of the coronavirus relief funds.

These elections are the talk of the town as the Senate will be controlled by the party who wins the runoffs. The people have already started casting their ballot before the elections on January 5.

This political race is of similar importance as Biden versus Trump as it will decide the party who will control the Senate.

At the time when Republicans are fighting over who is to get the funds for the election, Democrats have raised a lot of money. Another thing that is going in favor of Democrats is the behavior of Donald Trump regarding the relief fund.

The country is going through a tough time as coronavirus cases are on the rise. People are still losing jobs and the unemployment rate is expected to increase in the future.

At this time, the decisive Senate elections are going to make a lot of difference. Amidst the crisis of coronavirus, over 2 million people from Georgia have already voted.

This is a huge amount considering the Senate elections are becoming the bone of contention between the Democrats and the Republicans. The Republicans have been using the hashtag hold the line to attract the Republican supporters to come and vote.

The Republicans are making desperate attempts to ensure that they maintain their majority in the Senate. The decisive seats of Georgia are going to be of significance as Biden comes to power on 20th January.

The candidates are still appealing to people to donate generously for the election’s funds. All this is done while the coronavirus cases are nowhere near to be contained.

This is an alarming situation for the people as elections are given more importance than the coronavirus. All this is becoming concerning for the people who will be putting their lives on the edge to go and vote.