The NASCAR Truck Series is back for its second race as the season starts on Saturday at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

The original race that only comprises of cars, known as the Cup series, is planned to start on Sunday. Whereas on Saturday, the excitement will be doubled because in addition to cars, trucks are anticipated to race as well.

At first, the truck series will take place. Following this, the cars will have their go. The truck race is scheduled to start at 1 PM, whereas the Xfinity series will start at 4:30 PM exactly.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, new rules have been established. This race is expected to be slightly different from the previous ones with around 40 trucks participating this time, instead of the traditional number of 32.

With safety of the crowds being a major priority due to the current situation, events have been cut down. As a result, there will be no qualifying runs through the Talladega races. Each series will be using random draws connected to point standings.

For the starting lineup, certain rules have been established by the management. Three performance metrics will be used and every metric is assigned according to its weightage.

The majority of weightage will be associated with the finishing positions of the last race (50%). The ranking in team owner point standings will be given a weightage of 35%. Finally, the one with the fastest lap in the previous race will be given a 15% weightage.

This is the only way the management will be able to evaluate how the spots 1-10, 11-21, 22-32, will be assigned. All these positions will be given based on random draws.

The starting positions will be assigned to any racer in the 33rd to 40th positions, depending upon their eligibility.

Kyle Busch who was victorious in the last series will have the advantage of leading the racers this time, while Chase Elliott will be right behind him.

For the truck race, a similar method of random drawing has been applied. As a result of this, a new racer who goes by the name of Christian Eckes has been assigned the leading position. Racers including Tyler Ankrum, Brett Moffitt, and Austin Hill will follow him in the race.