All the traditional graduation ceremonies got canceled due to the global pandemic. According to the federal guidelines, all public events and ceremonies are restricted.

Following the current circumstances, a virtual graduation ceremony for the class of 2020 will stream online on Facebook and some of the graduation segments will be posted on Instagram.

According to the latest reports, Oprah Winfrey will be conducting the graduation ceremony as an introductory host.

There will be many other prominent personalities like Jennifer Garner, Lil Nas X, and Simone Biles, who will be giving motivational speeches to the students. Many efforts have been put to make the virtual ceremony special and memorable for the students.

The organizers of this ceremony will also post relative news and ceremony broadcasting on their social media accounts.

To make the ceremony even more enjoyable for the students, the organizers have invited Miley Cyrus for musical performance.

She is expected to sing her popular song “The Climb”. Many other special guests are expected to join the ceremony.

Furthermore, to make the event even better, different graduation stickers, photo filters, and video effects will be launched by social media applications.

Facebook is coming up with a newly launched feature. This feature will help the users create private rooms where they can virtually celebrate with their friends and family members whom they can’t meet.

The graduating students of the year 2020 might not have the best graduation due to the pandemic, but they can still make a lot happen with new and innovative ideas.

They can celebrate this special occasion of their life with family and friends calling out different virtual celebration ideas.