On Saturday night, an unidentified gunman shot three people at Oneida Casino in Wisconsin. Two out of the three shot lost their lives on the spot, while one remains critically wounded.  Oneida Casino shooting initially began at the Duck Creek Restaurant in the main casino, located near Austin Straubel Airport. As soon as police officials arrived at the crime scene, the gunman was shot dead.

Lt. Kevin Pawoak along with Chief Joel Maxam of the Brown County Sheriff’s Office arranged a press conference a few hours post Oneida Casino shooting and declared that a few victims were also allegedly shot by the gunman inside Radisson Hotel.

Although the exact details of the incident remain unknown, the investigation team suggests that the shooter knew an employee working for Duck Creek Restaurant in Radisson Hotel, which is right next to Oneida Casino itself.

According to an official, the gunman had come with the intention of killing his target, but he wasn’t present at the casino. Hence, he shot his target’s fellow employees before getting shot by the police.

A few bystanders of Oneida Casino shooting described the incident as one with total chaos and commotion. Dyan Luehring, a witness from the shooting said that he “didn’t’ really know what to expect.”

He claimed how he saw a police officer running inside with a massive gun and once Luehring heard the shots fired, he knew “this is no joke anymore.” Moreover, the boy stated that he was really grateful for escaping Oneida Casino shooting from a distance.

Another witness, Adam Olig told the police how the shooting wreaked havoc in the area. He claimed that the entire area was filled with people rushing from side to side to protect themselves amidst an active shooter. “It was just crazy,” remarked Olig.

The Oneida Police has requested the Sheriff’s office to conduct a formal investigation into the shooting and it has asked the Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation to oversee the examination of the police killing the gunman.

According to the Brown County Sheriff’s Department, identities of the victims and the suspect of the shooting will not be revealed until Monday. Meanwhile, the casino has been closed until further notice.

Josh Kaul, the Wisconsin Attorney General took to Twitter to announce that the situation was now stable and there was no longer an impending threat to the people. The Oneida Nation of Wisconsin also expressed their grievances on Oneida Casino shooting and offered free counselling for its employees.