Oncor Electric Delivery Company has reported a decline in the power outage. However, the power supply company is warning its customers of outages for some time to come and want them to reduce the use of electricity.

There has been a spike in the use of electricity due to severe weather conditions and every household was requiring more power for heating and other uses.

Wind storm has disrupted the power supply system, jamming wind turbines due to snow. Oncor officials are working to restore the power supply by repairing the damaged facilities.

Texas has experienced blackouts and complete power outages as the wave of polar winds hit the state and disrupted the power supply system.

Many households in Texas have been left without electricity in cold weather when they need more power to heat their homes.

Although there were warnings, a power outage at such a large scale has taken the state by surprise. Many states and regions of the world are preparing for the worst effects of the winter.

US weather departments have been issuing warnings, and the situation became uncontrollable as the southern states experienced the worst storm in decades, leaving approximately 2 million homes without power supply.

Usually, the electricity use increases in summer when most of the households use HVAC systems but this is the first time after 2011 that cold weather has made the shortage of electricity.

According to official statements, the outages can take a long time as the repair and restoration process would take time.

Although there are reports of decreased power outages which fall from 20,000 to 6,000 the complete restoration process can take weeks.

Currently, Texas is reporting lower temperatures and residents are in dire need of heating systems to be switched on.

The current snowstorm and subsequent power outage is the worst reported event of the year and has intensified the need for environmental protection efforts to speed up.

Biden declared emergency, following millions of people cut off by snow and cold. This is the first time in a decade that the power supply has been disrupted on such a large scale.

The energy crisis has been intensified by the lack of wind generation. The state of Texas behaves more like an Island when it comes to a power supply as most of the supplies have no connection with the national grid.