This year’s Thanksgiving flights are reaching pre-pandemic levels, the US has recently reopened to foreign travelers, and in 2022, European summer holidays are predicted to rise in popularity.

Airlines and the travel sector were beginning to see some positive results until another COVID-19 variation appeared. The Omicron strain was initially identified in South Africa last week and has already surfaced in other nations, prompting immediate travel restrictions in the area.

For the first time since the beginning of the Ebola outbreak, the United States is reimposing a travel restriction on citizens of eight African nations, including South Africa.

South Africa, as well as six other nations in the area, are on the list of countries that we would not allow any travel to or from. Except for American citizens who may return, Joe Biden stated Friday. He said that they have very little information to go on except from the fact that it is really concerning and it’s spreading like wildfire. This morning, he met with Dr. Fauci and the rest of his COVID team, and they came to that conclusion.

On Friday, EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso advocated a stop to EU-South Africa aviation traffic.

Travelers need to be aware of the additional limitations and the possible effect on travel in the coming months if the omicron strain spreads swiftly over the world.. On Friday, the WHO classified it as a mild to moderate cause for concern. As omicron spreads more quickly in South Africa than in the past.

Are American Tourists Affected by the White House Travel Ban?

Americans and legal residents in the United States are excluded from the African nation’s restriction. Even if they have been completely vaccinated, they will still be required to provide a negative COVID test before boarding the plane.

Flights to and from the eight nations have not been blocked by the United States authorities. However, that doesn’t imply that airlines won’t cut or halt flights to the area. It’s only United and Delta airlines that fly to and from Africa for US citizens.

Delta Airlines don’t have any intentions at this time to change the service Delta Air Lines provides between Atlanta and Johannesburg.

According to the airline, passengers from North America looking to rearrange their flights will not be charged a price.

The airline stated in a statement that the health and safety of their staff and guests remain their top concern and to observe the new COVID-19 variation and any travel restrictions, Delta will work closely with their government partners.

According to United, which just began flights to Johannesburg and Accra as well as Cape Town in December, the situation is being closely monitored.