Nebraska: Blazing fire and explosions rip through the Omaha chemical plant urging the residents to evacuate the area.

Omaha is known to be the most populous city in Nebraska and by Tuesday, the officials were forced to make residents leave the area as the explosions and the blazing fire continued to rip apart parts of the chemical plant.

Nox-Crete, a chemical plant which is located in the south of Omaha was reported to have a fire eruption around 7 pm on Monday, stated the city fire department.

Huge and horrific blazing flames of the fire consumed a major part of the building as dark smoke clouds could be seen in the sky from afar.

Fire officials recommended that people living between south 13th and south 20th streets and Martha and Leavenworth streets should evacuate because of “the explosions and smoke from the fire.”

c stated that there were columns of dark smoke in the air as it’s a chemical factory, therefore making it difficult to extinguish the fire. At the time when firefighters arrived at the premises, there was no one at the site.

Nox-Crete company produced chemical products that help in building the concrete work.  The cause of the fire is still unknown. Even though the cause of the ferocious blaze is unknown it has caused large propane bottles to explode which has further damaged the structure as a lot of hazardous chemicals are stored inside the chemical plant.

The fire department crew continues to battle the erupting fire. So far, no injuries have been reported but the fire has penetrated through the roof making “the walls to become structurally unstable”.

The firefighters estimate that it will take hours to control the fire.

The fire department further stated that the people who evacuated their homes could go and take shelter at Omaha’s Columbus community center if they don’t have anywhere to go.

The Pottawattamie County Emergency Management stated that the dense smoke erupting from the chemical plant does not possess any toxicity risk to the people living in close proximity.

Over 2500 customers of Omaha public power have gone without electricity in the close neighborhoods of the Omaha plant at the moment.