Olympics 2020 was canceled because of the Covid-19 outbreak but it is predicted that if the situation does not come under control till July 2021, chances are the game would be postponed again.

Olympic Games were about to begin in Tokyo this year, but due to the viral outbreak and the global pandemic, it is postponed till 2021.

President Yoshiro Mori said that the game has been called off before during the war times. The situation is very similar nowadays with the only difference being that we have to fight the virus now.

But the organizing committee is trying to make it happen next year.

After the lockdown, the importance of this game would be increased even more for the public and they should strive to make it possible.

However, the Japanese doctors believe that if a cure for the coronavirus is not found, it would not be possible to hold the games.

They think that it could be risky for the country to host the Olympics, as people from all over the world would participate.

The number of new cases being reported is decreasing but it could be also because not enough population is being tested. The country needs more time to determine the real statistics.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, around 13 thousand cases have been reported in Japan till now with approximately 400 casualties.

The country is set to prepare for games next year, only if the situation gets better. Otherwise, they have no option but to call it off once again.

The organizers are paying keen attention to the formulation and execution of safety precautions against COVID-19, with the help of WHO and other medical facilities.