Are you tired of wearing the same bland and dowdy face masks every time you leave the house? If yes, then now this would be the perfect time for a mask makeover.

For some, masks might just be a medical necessity, but for others, they are nothing less than a fashion statement! Unfortunately, the coronavirus does not plan on leaving anytime soon, so let’s stay safe and stylish at the same time.

Throw those tacky surgical masks aside and get ready for an update, because the latest Old Navy face masks have got you covered (literally). Their new collection of chic and trendy face masks will have you yearning for one.

Lucky for you, Old Navy just restocked a variety of fashionable cloth masks in June. If you care about the environment you would be happy to know that these masks are reusable, all it takes is a single wash.

Made with a soft, light, and air-permeable fabric, you might just want to keep the mask on while you sleep. That’s not even the best part- these masks are available in all types of patterns, designs, colors, and sizes.

Wait, it gets better: you can buy your favorite striped, plaid, and floral printed masks at a very low price. A pack of 5 and 3 incredibly modish family masks is for just $12.50 and $7.50 respectively.

Old Navy has also affirmed that these masks are CDC approved to prevent against COVID19. Rest assured, these dashing masks will not just keep you safe from the virus, but also bad fashion choices.

In this restock, the masks are back and better than before. So don’t spend too much time thinking, grab these in-demand stylish babies before they run out.