The Oklahoma Highway Patrol has reported that six high school students died in a collision between a passenger car and a semi-truck on Tuesday afternoon.

About an hour before midday, the six girls, all of whom were high school students in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, were stopped at a stop sign when a rock transporter smashed into their vehicle at the junction of US 377 and Oklahoma 22. Trooper Shelby Humphrey said the girls intended to make a right turn.

“We don’t know the full nature or details of what caused the crash, only that the car at some point was at this stop sign and that in the following moments the semi hit them,” said an Oklahoma Highway Patrol officer. “When we got to the scene you could see the car about 100 feet or so from the intersection completely totaled.”

In a message to the community, Bobby Waitman, the Superintendent of Tishomingo Public Schools, called the incident a big loss for the district.

“Our hearts are broken, and we are grieving with our students and staff,” he said. “We have counselors available to students presently. We also have space prepared at Tishomingo High School with counselors available through the evening.”

The medical condition of the truck’s driver has not been reported.