A 13 sq mile oil spill near the Southern California coast forced the authorities to close the pipelines and compelled the officials to issue an ecological disaster warning along with the order of beach closure on Sunday.

Amplify Energy, the owner and operator of the company stated that the oil pipeline under investigation seems to be the potential source of 126,000-gallon leakage near Newport Beach.

On Sunday, officials reported that 3,150 worth gallons of oil had been taken out from the water; however, the implications of the spill on the ecosystem are evident.

A 2012 pipeline plan prepared by Beta Offshore and acquired by NBC News stated that a complete cut in the line 3 miles from the shore could give only 3000 barrels of oil.

According to that, the situation currently is the “worst-case scenario” that can cause  “significant and substantial harm to the environment” due to its “proximity to navigable waters and adjoining shoreline areas designated as environmentally sensitive.”

As per the company’s CEO, Martyn Willsher, the drivers in the nearby region are investigating the incident’s actual cause – four miles from the shore.

The company currently is not responding to the request for comments on the 2021 scheme.

In a news conference held on Sunday, Willsher said, the oil pipeline has been closed and suctioned. However, the local authorities reported that the damage had been done already.

 Katrina Foley, Tweeted, “We’ve started to find dead birds & fish washing up on the shore,”

To date, only one animal has been found injured. A duck found in the region was covered in oil. The authorities are checking for more animals, says the California Department of Fish and Wildlife representative.

Last Sunday, the department announced a fishery shut down six miles offshore.

Foley stated about the situation of the area when she visited the place last Sunday. As per her, she felt a “sting of vapor in the air”.

“My throat hurt,” she says in the news conference.

Willsher said, the pipeline is checked for any leakage every year and “has been meticulously maintained”. In fact, the most recent one happened last week and they did not expect any further leakage.