The 66-year-old, LouAnn Dagen, a resident of a nursing hospital in Michigan breathed her last after she contracted the coronavirus. Before passing away she had made 40 recordings in her Echo Show device she bought off of Amazon.

According to the sister of the deceased, Penny, she was obsessed with her Alexa and it helped her gain back interest in many things she enjoyed before she got bedridden.

Penny wrote this in the product review section back in 2018. She also added that the device was her sister’s best friend and a ray of hope for her.

The deceased can be heard asking for help in the recordings her sister provided to WOOD-TV that she had made a few days before she passed away.

She can be heard asking for help and telling me that she has been suffering despite the pain relievers the facility has provided her with. She passed away after a little while of getting shifted to the hospital before her oxygen and blood pressure dropped.

The nursing home did not shift LouAnn to the hospital before, even though she had difficulty breathing because her temperature was normal. The management at the facility claims that the patient was getting adequate care at the facility and only sent her to the hospital once there was need.

Penny was asked to provide CPR to her sister if her heartbeat stopped to which she responded that LouAnn wouldn’t want that and that is what eventually happened. LouAnn had been at the nursing care for the past 10 years after she had a stroke.

The device was the mode of communication between the two sisters and Penny was able to be there for her; virtually.

The director of the facility stated that the sisters communicated through the device quite often and they appreciated that since Penny couldn’t be physically there for her since she was a handicap.

Penny called the Alexa device a lifesaver for her sister and herself.