Celebrating her 29th birthday went more than according to plan for Cardi B, as husband Offset gifted her a six-bedroom mansion in the Dominican Republic.

“I done bought you everything, so this year I wanted to get you something for having my beautiful son,” Said Offset, while adding, “So I bought you a house in the DR. Yessir, that’s how we coming, pool on the roof. God is good.”

He made the announcement on October 11th, saying that he did not just want to honor her birthday but also the past year they spent together, including the birth of their baby boy. She thanked the rapper the next day in an Instagram post for acting on her plans to get “short-term home rental properties in the DR and other Caribbean countries.”

“You and my dad (and the 🤱🏽) are the most important men in my life, and it makes me so happy that you guys are close and have your own bond and relationship,” Cardi B added, appreciating him for working with her father to make it happen.

The “WAP” and “Rumours” rapper first shared her birthday plans earlier in a post stating, “I can’t wait for my birthday passa passa party!!!!!….Ya think LA ready?!!”. The dress code for the party was “dancehall”, which she also posted references for.

Cardi B and Offset have been married since 2017, and are parents to two children, including a three-year-old daughter and the newly-born baby boy. The couple previously also owned a mansion in Atlanta.