After the coronavirus pandemic, many people have been affected adversely. The lockdown that was initiated in March had everlasting effects on the entire economy. Many people were left without jobs and salaries.

New York residents stand in line for hours since morning to gather food for themselves and their families. A volunteer worker stated from La Jordana that the number of people standing in line for food is growing every day.

Walter Barrera, a person who also lost his job at the start of the pandemic, stands in line at almost 6 a.m. He says in an interview that he is a father and hence, it is his responsibility to feed his children.

He has been having a very hard time after unemployment to gather resources or even find a job. He stands in line every day to get rice, potatoes, and vegetables to feed his children every day as they look to him.

A survey conducted by the food bank New York displayed that there has been an approximate 20% rise in the distribution of La Jornada food pantry. The number of people demanding food is increasing at a higher rate.

Eater New York has also reported that a few industries have to face an even wider impact after the pandemic began. Industries like tourism and hospitality have been one of them.

People have stopped traveling due to the restrictions imposed by the government and also because they’re scared to get infected. There has been roughly a 60% reduction in its workforce, which is huge in numbers.

26,000 restaurants have been seen as volunteers for such outdoor provision of food services for the unemployed. People have been seen to stand up and help their fellow human beings in such hard times. These businesses even though are trying their best to keep providing such free services but their returns in this are substantially low.

Even these businesses need help with the volunteering work and people force from time to time to keep their service going. Places like La Jordana have been a huge shrinkage in their suppliers as well as there are shortages at their end as well.