The entertainment industry of NYC is undergoing severe downfall and tumulus times as Covid-19 cases surge across the state resulting in show cancellations.

The workers attached to the entertainment industry of NYC look worrisome about their unforeseen future.

There could be a prospective shut down because of this new wave of Covid-19 powered by the omicron variant.

More than 12 Broadway shows have been canceled recently because of the staff or performers testing positive.

Three famous Broadway shows Waitress, “Thoughts of colored man” and “Jagged little pill” announced that they will be shutting down permanently and do not see them returning on the stage in the near future after multiple covid-19 positive cases were found amongst the performers and the staff members.

The NYC entertainment industry has been hugely dampened by the coronavirus pandemic as for the past 2 years the performances have been shut down due to the uncertain situation led by the pandemic.

This holiday season promised a revival after the vaccination drive but sadly, the omicron variant has dampened all the hopes of the workers associated with the NYC industry.

 “Eliminating the ushering salary would take a huge hit on anyone’s finances. I don’t think anyone’s really doing this just for fun, they’re doing it because they really need the money,” Rachel, an usher for a Broadway show who did not want her last name or the name of her employer used, stated.

“It’s just inevitable. It’s just a matter of time at this point. With how things are spreading, to me, it seems almost impossible to avoid,” said Rachel.

Rachel stated while being the representative of the workers associated with the entertainment industry that “It would be probably devastating because it would be a matter of going back on to unemployment in order to get paid. But at this point, there are no pandemic-like increases for the unemployment, so [it] would definitely not be enough for me to cover my expenses.”