Since the resistance towards the vaccine mandate continues in the country, four people from the New York firefighters have been suspended after they drove their truck into the Senator’s office while they were on duty. They asked the politician’s home address and told them that the city would have “blood on its hands” because of the vaccine mandate of the city.

The firefighters were from Ladder 113 Brooklyn who went to the office of Senator Zellnor Myrie in uniform and threatened him to speak to them, though the state senators have no involvement in the city mandate as the bill was passed by Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Mainly all city personnel which also includes the firefighters might have received at least one vaccine shot of the COVID-19 by the time they were showing up to the work on Monday. Those who were not vaccinated were already placed on unpaid leave.

The senator was not present in the house at that moment, but the aggressive firefighters had already spoken to the staff members.

“They said they wanted to let people in the community know that the trucks weren’t going to be running and that they were going to shut down firehouses,” a person who was familiar with the incident told a news source.

It was, the person said, a “cordial conversation” though at one point the firefighters said the “city would have blood on its hands.”

“I think it is highly inappropriate,” Myrie, a Democrat, highlighted in an interview with New York ABC station. “It is incredibly disturbing that those entrusted with keeping us safe would be on duty, protesting a vaccine mandate that had nothing to do with a state elected official. … My staff is rattled, they’re shaken up by it. And frankly, I am upset that we’re even having this conversation.”

The firefighters in the conversation urged the staff members that they wanted to have a choice whether to get vaccinated or not and they also expressed that it would be much safer if they get tested every week.

Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro called all these actions “highly inappropriate.”

“This is a highly inappropriate act by on-duty members of this Department who should only be concerned with responding to emergencies and helping New Yorkers and not harassing an elected official and his staff. “The members in question have been immediately relieved of duty and will face disciplinary action.”

Firefighters being suspended was the satisfactory step taken as it was only the first step, said Myrie.

“Instead of spending their time threatening elected officials and the communities that they represent, they should be focused on preventing and responding to emergencies,” Myrie said.

Previously, dozens of firefighters protested about the vaccine mandate and said that they will get tested every week instead of getting vaccine shots.