Vanessa Alferman sadly never got the opportunity to hold her son, Axel, as he died even before that.

Vanessa was a nurse working at the Missouri Baptist Medical Center. She contracted Covid from her husband in November just a few weeks before the availability of the vaccine. The virus made her rush towards the hospital and an emergency birth at just 20 weeks. Her child did not survive.

The 32-year-old woman is now aiming to encourage pregnant women with her story to get the vaccine shot as soon as possible and not to get hesitant. According to Vanessa, she doesn’t want the other women to go through what she did, the loss she had suffered from.

She shares that when such a tragedy happens the world expects you to start over. Vanness says that she didn’t talk to anyone and was stuck in her bed with immense depression surrounding her. According to her, it was extremely devastating for her to lose Axel as she calls him her missing piece.

She took the decision to share her story at a time when research showed how the pandemic increased pregnancy risks that eventually lead to premature births. Another study also revealed the reactions of women related to vaccination and that showed that according to them the vaccines were secure.

CDC and Gynecologists have recommended all pregnant women get vaccinated for COVID to not let anything happen as in the case of Vanessa.

According to the CDC, despite being a high-risk population for the coronavirus, less than ¼ of the pregnant women have got their vaccine shots which is certainly alarming.