The United States of America is still waiting to see who will win the elections. But these elections are different because of a lot of reasons. For instance, the elections are being held during the pandemic, mail-in balloting has been introduced and now Donald Trump is making allegations of voting fraud. Moreover, there has been a divide in the country that is unprecedented.

There are Trump supporters who are organizing rallies for him and there are anti-Trump protests going on in the country.

The election has also brought with it infuriated people of Denver who are coming to the front while protesting. The protest had gone wild as a result of elections and voting. The protests are mainly driven by minorities who are trying to voice their opinion in order to protect their interests.

Talking about the recent protest in Colorado, it has gone too far. As a result, many people from the protest were arrested by the police.

The police took to Twitter to show the dangerous weapons that were recovered from the arrested people. Under this context, it was decided that whoever is caught with a weapon will be immediately arrested.

The people who have organized the protest were against ‘fascism’ in the USA, but the story appears to be completely different. The protesters had gone too far and with weapons being recovered, it is clear that people should expect unfortunate events.

With the extreme level of rage and violence, people attempted highly disrespectful acts too. News From New York came into focus and went viral on social media. It was about a young lady and her coarse behavior with the police.

The lady is accused of spitting on the face of a policeman. But this act took the sympathetic feelings away as it is lawfully wrong to do such an act even if the other side is wrong. Therefore, it became a public demand to take legal action.