The Southern border migrant crisis continues, but the Biden administration continues to brush it below the carpet and does not recognize it as a crisis. Customs and Border Protection released the official number of migrants encountered at the US-Mexico border in April; which shows an increase in numbers compared to the month of March.

CBP reported that 178,622 migrants tried to cross the US border in April; 3 % more compared to March, where the border agencies encountered 172,000 migrants.

Customs and Border Protection commissioner Troy Miller stated that the southwest border continues to witness a large influx of illegal migrants from the northern triangle countries.

CBP partnered with operational sentinel; an initiative of the Department of Homeland Security, to crackdown and curtail criminal organizations involved in human trafficking and smuggling across the porous southern border. Miller further stated that CBP rescues migrants on a daily basis who are left in harsh terrain without any food or water. CBP and US border agencies are working together to save the lives of these migrants and the unaccompanied children.

On the contrary, the Biden administration celebrated the success of emptying the jam-packed temporary facility center of Donna, Texas; moving most of the immigrant children to the Health and Human Services (HHS) custody. This might be a moment of celebration for the administration, but it is still too early to celebrate as the migrants keep on coming and it is expected that their number will surge in months of summer and spring.

Last year’s data reveals that the number of immigrants at the US-Mexico border surges in summer, this year it is most likely to overwhelm the border agencies as the policies have drastically changed under the Biden government.

Republicans and critics have thoroughly blamed the Biden administration for encouraging the migration from northern triangle countries amidst the pandemic. Rolling back Trump’s border policies resulted in an increased number of migrants at the border.

Miller also blamed the tactics of the Biden administration regarding the border policies, which led to a crisis and overwhelmed an already fragile immigration system. Tens and thousands of children faced ill-treatment at the hands of human smugglers and further at the facilitation centers.

The point to be noted is that single adult migrants and families can be removed under Title 42 health protections. 111,714 adult migrants were expelled from America through Title 42 in April only, but the unaccompanied children cannot be expelled under the Biden regime policies. The number of unaccompanied children has really overburdened the border authorities who have seen a dramatic spike in unaccompanied children as young as 11 months old.

The Biden administration has proposed a $4 billion plan of investment to resolve the issues related to border crises but it still needs to acknowledge the situation as a crisis to take corrective measures.