Kongsberg, Norway – two people were injured, and Five died in an alleged random attack on Wednesday, Oct 13.

While roaming freely in the city, a man with a bow shot locals with arrows. As per the reports received, the authorities have taken the man under custody and are currently holding him in a city close to Drammen.

The recent updates suggest police are not initiating a search for other suspects.

In an interview, the assistant chief police of the city,  Øyvind Aas said, “Based on the information we have at the present time; the apprehended man has acted alone. We will also have to look at whether this is an act of terror or not,” and added that, “the police have not yet questioned the suspect, and it is therefore too early to say anything about his motivation for his actions.”

Police said the shooter has been taken under custody and identified as a Danish citizen who lives in Kongsberg, Norway.

Kongsberg is an hour’s drive from Oslo.

The police are investigating details about the case, saying the man was seen roaming around the city, and at around 6:30 pm (local time) he began shooting random people. The officials also found arrows stuck in the nearby building walls.

Among the police officials who got wounded, one was an off-duty officer – said authorities.

“There has been, and there still is a major police activity in the area,” said Aas. he added to his statement that, “The reason for this is that the suspect has moved over a large area, and we are now working on securing evidence and get as much information about the incident as we can.”

The US State dept said, “We are aware of today’s attack and extend our heartfelt condolences to the victims and their families.”