A train struck and killed two men in North Carolina at the same spot their brother died a week ago.

The two men identified as Jose Chillambalam Tiquiram Us age 20 and Pablo Tiquiram Us age 29 were mourning the loss of their slain brother on the train tracks of Charlotte near the 8200 South Boulevard when they got hit by a light-rail train of Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) Lynx train.

Both men died on the spot before the medics could make it to the scene.

According to the press release by the Charlotte- Mecklenburg police (CMPD),

“both men had been memorializing their brother on the one-week anniversary of his death, and they were conducting a memorial out by the site where he was killed.”

Sergeant Adam Jones of CMPD stated during the press conference that unfortunately both brothers were killed in the same manner as their brother last week. They both were on foot and succumbed to their inflicted injuries and died on the spot.

Sgt. Jones stated that their brother Baltazar Tiquiram Us was 27 years old and was killed on 26th July when a train struck him while he was driving on east Hebron street.

According to the police, all the safety features of the tracks like the horns and lights, crossing arms, etc., were working in perfect condition, the contributing factor to the accident can be the effect of alcohol.

North Carolina

The video evidence of the incident confirmed that the two brothers were seen walking on the tracks while lighting candles to pay tribute to their slain brother.

The police department of Charlotte, North Carolina offered their condolences to the bereaved family and grieving friends. The press release stated that it is impossible to imagine the loss of three children, three siblings within a week due to such tragic and unfortunate circumstances.

Sgt Jones stated that this incident is the fourth tragic fatal traffic accident in the Charlotte area of North Carolina and a level of impairment of alcohol has been observed in all of the incidents. He stressed the public to drink within limits and if they are drunk then use a rideshare service or fare cab application to stay alive.