North Carolina: A head-on collision between a dump truck and a school bus left 15 students admitted to the hospital here on Wednesday.

The Charlotte Mecklenburg School District’s school bus was carrying 40 students at the time of the horrific crash.

The school released a statement saying that 40 students were caught in a crash with a dump truck this morning.

“Bus 222 is a school bus that serves South Mecklenburg high school,” the statement stated. “The school bus driver is also injured.”

According to the hospital officials, one person was brought to the hospital with life-threatening injuries and another person faced serious injuries after the crash. The 15 students brought to the hospital are reported to be out of danger and are being treated at the hospital.

The crash took place at Sharon Road West and Sharon Brook Drive, the road is just at the corner of the school.

The crash was so horrific that the fire department of Charlotte stated that it took more than 30 minutes to free the truck driver and the bus driver from the wreckage. Both the drivers were said to be in stable condition and conscious when they were extracted out of their wrecked vehicles.

Kenny Phillips, the medic operations supervisor stated that the crash took place between a dump truck, the bus, and another car. The crash took place somewhere around 6:30 a.m. A mass casualty bus shifted the students to the hospital.

An investigation has been started but the officials state that it is too early to name someone as the reason for the crash. As the investigation is undergoing, the details regarding the accident will be released later by the police.