The upcoming film “No Time to Die” will now be releasing on Nov 20, five days before the previously announced release date. This news left the James Bond fans is sheer excitement.

According to the studio reports, the film was supposed to release in April. The release date got changed previously and now it’s up with another release date. The changes in release dates are due to the unfortunate circumstances of the pandemic.

The situation of coronavirus pandemic is getting worse with time due to which there has been a strict implementation of lockdowns. All the public gathering spots including restaurants, malls, and cinema theatres are currently restricted. The film ‘No Time to Die’ was expected a huge blockbuster and it had to change its release date due to the pandemic.

Even with the frequent changes in the release date, the film will still be seen following the tradition of previously released films in the same month. The franchise productions like “GoldenEye” and “Tomorrow Never Dies” were also released in the same month.

According to Forbes, the change in release date was a strategic move taken by the production. “Godzilla vs. Kong” by Warner Bros is expected to release on Nov 21st. The James Bond movie will now release a day prior and it is expected to have an impact on the box office collection.

Furthermore, it is said that if the film would have released on the previously selected date, it could have turned into the biggest action blockbuster. According to the estimated statistics, the film would have needed around $163 million business to become a record-breaking highest-grossing film.

Previously, there have been many James Bond films that made unbeatable records. The film “Die Another Day” was also one of the highest-grossing James Bond films. It did a heavy box office business of $431.9 million. This record was beaten by another film of James Bond “Casino Royale”, which did a worldwide business of $85,475,667.

Now the critics and viewers are looking forward to whether this upcoming film will follow the tradition of blockbuster business or not.