Lil Baby’s celebrity jeweler is not only apologizing excessively to the artist for supplying him a fake Patek Philippe watch; he’s also adopting pricey steps to ensure it never occurs again.

To prevent another fake watch tragedy, Gabriel Jacobs of Rafaello & Co. informs TMZ that coming ahead, he’ll engage an expert watch identifier to check all the timepieces he offers.

Furthermore, Gabe says that everyone who has acquired jewelry from him may get it verified to ensure that it is genuine. In the aftermath of the repercussions from giving Lil Baby a hefty $400k fake Patek Philippe watch, he claims he seems to have no problem with it.

As reported earlier, Lil Baby was photographed wearing the watch while attending the Met Gala, however, was enraged when watch fans informed him that his Patek Philippe Nautilus wristwatch, which was celebrating its 40th anniversary, was indeed a fake one.

Rafaello & Co. immediately apologized, admitted to making a mistake, returned the money, and presented the rapper with four diamond rings. Gabe, however, claims he promptly rectified the error since he wishes to deal with the artist again, decided to double down one week later, claiming his fault was not performing sufficient thorough research.

In reality, Gabe claims that he presented the wristwatch in question to two additional vendors who really couldn’t detect it was a replica. Gabe, on the other hand, says that this was an isolated incident.

He claims he stands to earn nothing through offering a fake Patek Philippe wristwatch to a promising rapper. He further said that he handed Baby $3.5 million in jewels to use at the upcoming Met Gala, then what is the harm in providing him with a fake timepiece?

Gabe claims that a quick $400k is just not worthy of his credibility. Stay tuned to know more about this embarrassing incident!