Are you in search of credit cards that allow no annual fee so you can enjoy all the perks of a credit card without having the tension of paying back the recurring expense and to top it off, you get to enjoy various rewards attributed with it as you use your credit card throughout the year?

There are numerous no-annual-fee credit cards available in the market which enable you to earn back cash, points, or other redeemable points. No annual fee credit cards are an excellent choice for people who are not many spenders and keep credit cards just to attain the seasoned awards or for some strategy to maximize their earnings.

There are various options for credit cards with no annual fees available in various categories. Many of the credit cards offer welcome bonuses along with 0% APR promotions on bank transfers, purchases, and sometimes both.

Here are some of our picks for the best no annual fee credit cards in different categories:

For dining purpose:

For dining purposes, the best no annual fee card is the Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards Credit Card is the ultimate choice. It is the best option if you are looking to increase your dining rewards as this card allows you to earn 3% cashback from all of your dining expenditures. SavorOne also provides another perk of getting back 1% of cashback on another spending. This is one card that can reward you in the long run if you use it combined with another card that is providing higher cashback. The conjectural usage of both cards will be a good overall expenditure optimization strategy.

The best option for traveling:

The Bank of America travel rewards credit card is one of the best travel card options offering no annual fee. It has a very strong reward system; providing bonuses on almost all the spending regardless of any category. The rewards on the credit card charge no foreign exchange fee, which is one of the best features that compel globetrotters to attain the card. It offers 0% APR which provides a no-interest financing option on purchase for the first year since the induction of the card.

For business category:

The Capital One Spark Cash for business is the ultimate choice when it comes to selecting a no annual fee credit card for the sole purpose of business. The card gives you the leverage to earn back 2% on every purchase that you make to maximize the expense of your business. The best thing about this credit card is that it provides free employee cards so that their purchases also earn you back cash.

The capital one spark cash for business offers a simplified business plan, its budgeting as well as taxation process every year. The card also grants a one-time bonus of $500 to all the new accounts but that is redeemable if the spending surpasses $4500 in the initial three months of the card inculcation.

For studies purpose:

Bank of America yet again offers the best no annual fee credit cards for the students as it has an earning power along with a 0% APR on the expenses and purchases.

The new cardholders are given leverage of 0% APR to exclude them from interest while paying off the card charges. It also grants the students an unlimited 1.5x points on every purchase that is made without any expiration limit.

This card does not charge any foreign transaction fees along with the no annual charges, therefore it is the most feasible option to be used anywhere to earn those freebies and rewards.

For airlines:

The best no-annual-fee credit card for the airline is the United Gateway card. It gives 2x miles on every dollar when you purchase gas stations, rideshare services, united airlines, taxis, local transit, trains, mass transit, and toll across the country. All the other purchases will reward you 1x miles per dollar which makes this card worth it.

For hotels:

The Hilton Honors American Express is your ultimate choice as the no annual fee credit card for the hotels as it offers you to earn worthy rewards along with the Hilton value points. Hilton also gives bonus points on spending at restaurants, groceries, and gas. Hilton is a huge name in the hotelier business and it has a chain all across the world, so practically it has become the most sought-after choice for people who intend to stay in hotels often.


Many people opt for no annual fee credit cards because they want to avoid the bank interest and the continuous nagging of repayment as soon as they have made a purchase. To assist those people banks have various options or earn the cashback while earning redeemable points and other attractive rewards without paying an annual fee. There are a lot of options available in the market, now it’s your job to research and choose the one that best suits you and go for it!