Ever since the pandemic has started, it has imposed a lot of problems for the people. Apart from witnessing the victims suffer and being paranoid from the whole situation, the daily life operations have also been severely affected.

As the Covid-19 cases surged, the government ordered to lockdown the whole country. This hindered people from accomplishing basic tasks that helped them for a smooth living. However, as the situation became better, the government gave people some relief and they are now slowly coming back to their normal routines while following the SOPs.

On Monday, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission has decided to open the inspection stations as the situation becomes better, after carefully analyzing the situation.

You can go to the stations to get a new license or renew an old one. You will also have the access to ‘road test’ express lanes. If you pass the driving test, you will have to wait till the 7th of July which is the date when the stations will be fully open.

There have been rumors regarding a text message system that could be used by people to check-in and wait for their cars to avail the in-person service. However, the service is still in the testing phase so it is not going to be applied anytime soon.

To facilitate the people as much as they can, the MVC has planned that the oldest appointments would be entertained first and the rest would follow. Letters would be sent in three (3) phases due to a large number of drivers in the waiting list i.e. more than 60,000.

Another effort that has been made is that the expiration date has been extended to a later date.

You can visit NJMVC.gov for details regarding driver’s licenses. The transactions that can be done online would not be done in person.

Proper SOP’s have to be followed and if you or your close ones have had Covid-19, then a test is required as the government would not compromise on safety.

With this, the government is also planning to open parks and indoor dining properly. Other places would open depending upon the situation of the country.