Nirvana’s “Nevermind,” one of the massive hits of the century, turns 30 today. To pay tribute to this groundbreaking album, we are going to list its 13 best songs from most to least great so far.

13) Endless, Nameless:

Getting the 13th rank on Nevermind is no shame. The song Endless Nameless was a flip-side to “Come As You Are”. The noisy track is hidden in the cassette/CD era but a standard in the digital era. This song is the finest example depicting Nirvana’s ability to produce musical freakouts without any attention paid to the melody.

12) Lounge Act:

Even the best albums can have a bad song. Other musician bands would be lucky to have this track on their album, however, for Nirvana, it could have been even better. Still, when the song plays in chorus, it feels like a treat to the ears.

11) Stay Away:

The song was initially titled “Pay to Play” and contained different lines however, this version was out on the DGC Rarities Vol. 1). The other version that Nevermind created brought it from a three-word to just a two-word chorus. It is a deceptively unique and simple piece of Nirvana that is least favorite compared to others.

10) Come As You Are:

Come As You Are” is just as great as Nirvana’s other great songs. Once you play it, you will want to revisit it every time. This song is Kurt’s mini-masterpiece as he played a stolen guitar riff. Come As You Are is a perfect example that proves “good artists borrow, great artists, steal.”

9) On A Plain:

On A Plain got success after a while of being released. It is the most underrated song ever in the history of the Nevermind album. It is an impactful song that can have any nearby crowd bouncing at its beat. Even the vocals of the song are downright impressive.

8) Territorial Pissings:

Territorial Pissings is unlike Nirvana’s typical songs that you listen to on MTV and radio. It is one of the punk songs that gave mainstream rock lovers a glimpse into the punk underground. Not just that, it is equally melodic and full of lyrics like its pop songs.

7) In Bloom:

This song is the best contribution by Dave Grohl to the band. Even the drum track of this song is better than so many lyrical songs. This song is so infectious and catchy that you will still find so many people around the world listening to it.

6) Polly:

Even though “About A Girl” was Nirvana’s first great ballad, Polly was in progress even before the Nevermind album had launched.

5) Drain You:

If Nevermind’s one non-single deserves a single’s appreciation, it should be, Drain You. The song beautifully features Kurt’s alluring lyrics and melodies.

4) Breed:

Fueled by guitar riffs and tunes that become difficult to get out of your mind, Breed is Nirvana’s most authentic producer ever.

3) Smells Like Teen Spirit:

Dave Grohl’s drum fill and iconic guitar sound combined with the explosive chorus made an impact on all the previous and present generations. That’s how powerful and impactful it was. Even though it is not the most liked song from this album, whenever somebody plays it, you will like playing it too,

2) Lithium:

After Teen Spirit, Lithium got the place of the second most impressive song on the album. This song feels more relatable to the slacker generation, as it consists of the themes of irresoluteness and indecision.

1) Something In The Way:

Something In The Way is a powerful song. You get a clear depiction of young Kurt lying under a bridge with wild animals whenever you listen to it. It tells you about the poverty-stricken youth of Kurt. This song should be on your list if you haven’t listened to it yet. It is the best song that Nirvana could ever make.