The national institutes of health have launched a centralized platform to record the medical data of patients infected with coronaviruses. It is a way of putting all the data in one place in a more organized and secure way.

The Press release by NIH stated that this new platform is being launched to help the scientists get a closer look at all the important data and figure out treatments against the symptoms.

NIH further said that this new project aimed to help gather more information in one place. The information would help in developing and identifying treatments.

The National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences is funding the new platform. It will gather all the data related to the patients systematically who were infected with the virus. After that, the NIH will make the information accessible for researchers and scientists.

The technologically unique platform was formed to identify the problems and come up with possible solutions. This means that the process of identifying the symptoms and coming up with treatment will speed up.

Dr. Christopher Austin, the director of NCATS stated, this database might form the basis of tackling future health emergencies.

According to the reports, NCATS is making sure to take privacy and safety measures, so that the privacy of patients is well protected.

The database already contains unique data of many covid-19 victims from all over the country. It is formed to enable quick responses, recognize better methods, and form suitable treatments.

Chief Data Officer for the Duke Cancer Institute Warren Kibbe said that the platform is going to enable researchers and scientists to examine new corona theories and find answers to complicated questions regarding the virus.