After a lot of turmoil and painstaking trials with IVF and other methods, former Olympic champion boxer Nicola Adams finally announced that she will be having a baby boy with her long-term girlfriend Ella Baig.

The Strictly Come Dancing alumna announced in February this year that she is expecting her first child with girlfriend Ella Baig, a 24-year-old model and influencer.

Now the couple has revealed their gender. They are expecting a BABY BOY!

“It’s super cool. I’m excited, happy, nervous, and just wondering what to expect,” said 39-year-old Nicola Adams. “All my friends have boys, so I was like: ‘Yes!’ when I found out.”

Ella Baig who is well into her second trimester states that she feels her boy is “a fighter” and thinks that he is super active.

“From about 17 weeks I was feeling kicks and whenever we went for a scan – I don’t even know what it was doing – perhaps backflips. I can actually see it moving in my stomach right now,” Baig shared.

Nicola Adams and Ella Baig have been together for well over four years now. They have tried for children multiple times in the past and finally gotten the fortunate news via the IVF method. The couple decided to use Nicola’s egg and Ella’s womb for the procedure.

The couple faced a lot of heartbreaks on the road to fertility. Their first attempt resulted in a failure whereas their second attempt led to a miscarriage in the eighth week of pregnancy.

“I hope our story gives hope to other couples who might be in our position,” explained Ella, adding “As soon as we started our journey and experienced miscarriage, I realized how little we know about it but also how common it is, and I knew I wanted to talk openly about it.”

The couple revealed the gender by throwing pink and blue colors on a black canvas which was already covered with a rainbow of paint splatter all over with handprints as the vinyl letters showcased the words “it’s a boy.”

The couple explained their gender reveal party saying, “Being part of the LGBTQ community, I am aware of the issues surrounding gender reveals, as they often reinforce gender stereotypes.”

“I thought this was a good opportunity to bring awareness to the difference between sex and gender and make it less stereotypical. We started off with the pink and blue, then got rid of it.”