According to a new complaint, a woman claims that artist Nicki Minaj’s husband raped her more than two decades ago in Queens — and the pair subsequently harassed her and attempted to coerce her into recanting.

Hough claims in a federal lawsuit filed in Brooklyn that she got raped in 1994 by Minaj’s husband, Kenneth Petty while waiting for her school bus in Jamaica.

Petty reportedly approached her at a bus stop, took out a knife, put it to her back, and brought her to a neighboring home, and raped her, according to the complaint.

He exited Hough after attempting rape and stepped in front of a mirror, stating, “I am the gentleman. I am the gentleman “As stated in the lawsuit.

Petty got arrested and ultimately accepted a plea bargain, spending more than 4 years in prison on an attempted rape conviction, according to The New York Times.

Hough claims in her lawsuit that she endured mental agony for years after the assault — and was then singled out by Minaj when Petty was taken into custody in 2020 for ceasing to register as a sex offender in connection with her case.

Additionally, the complaint claims that the rapper offered to send her publicist out to meet with Hough to write a statement for her to retract the allegation. Hough asserts that she declined.

The complaint alleges that Hough and her family members were then regularly given financial bribes of up to 500,000 USD by Minaj and accomplices to get her to recant.

According to one suggested plan, an old acquaintance of Hough’s described as “Black” in the complaint advised her that if she recanted, Minaj would make “happy birthday” videos for her daughter’s “Sweet 16.” Hough claims in her complaint that she refused once again.

Hough is suing for undisclosed monetary damages.

Petty’s attorney did not reply quickly to a request for comment. Additionally, a representative for Minaj could not be contacted.