In 1985, the news was abuzz with Nick Kamen dazzling the audience in a Levi’s jeans advert. He rose to fame by appearing in that popular commercial, which also caught the eye of many people across the industry. He died this week at the age of 59. The news of his death was confirmed by a friend of Kamen’s family to a PA Media news agency on Wednesday.

Although the exact cause of death remains unknown, the agency concluded that Kamen’s death came after a long battle with illness. The news of his passing soon spread across different social platforms, where several celebrities paid tribute to the iconic singer.

One such tribute was posted by Kamen’s friend, Boy George who took to Instagram to post a picture of them together. The caption of the picture read: “RIP to the most beautiful and sweetest man Nick Kamen!” Another heartfelt tribute to the late singer was posted by John Taylor who stated that Kamen was one of the purest men he had ever met.

Kamen’s appearance in the Levi’s commercial not only changed the course of his entire career, but also gave a significant push to the company’s sales. His role was widely acclaimed by several people including BBC Breakfast’s Wayne Hemmingway who said he was “one of the most glamorous young men” on the London club circuit. The advert itself was appreciated for its resplendent vintage theme, quality music and exceptional creative execution that went past the norm of that age.

Nick Kamen’s role in the advert garnered a lot of praise, especially from Madonna who was bewitched by the singer’s “charisma” and “beautiful voice.” She later contacted Kamen and asked him to record a track from her album.

The news of his death deeply affected the 62-year-old singer who penned her thoughts online. She wrote about how heartbroken she was to hear the news of Kamen – a sweet and kind human who had suffered beyond measure.