Amidst the pandemic, many celebrities have been affected by the virus. One of such celebrities, Nick Cordero was affected as well. Previously the news came to light, of him being affected by the virus and his leg had to amputate to prevent the damage to reach his other organs.

His wife started an online hashtag that gained a lot of popularity. Fans wished him from all around to get better and wake up. They also sent different videos of them dancing and wishing the star. Amanda kept on informing his fans about his health.

After being unconscious for many days during his recovery period the star finally woke up on Tuesday, the announcement was made by his wife Amanda.

The hashtag started by his wife #WakeUpNick was very popular on the social media website. People and close friends even donated money for his hospital charges. Amanda thanked all the members and friends that had contributed to his recovery. His friends even started a small campaign to fund his hospital charges by the name of the GoFundMe campaign.

The star was nominated for the very prestigious Tony award. He had been nominated for his role in the “Bullets over Broadway”. His performance was outstanding.

The star’s recovery was very bumpy. He had come across many complications while his infection grew more. Nick was on a ventilator for a while, but he finally overcame his health problems

Amanda stated that he has been very week even after he woke up. Nick finds it hard to even open his eyes for a little while. The doctors are saying that it will take time for a complete recovery and to regain his strength.

But the damage done to his body was severe. The star had to suffer from severe internal problems. His leg had to be amputated due to complications. The star was facing clotting issues in his right leg and blood was unable to pass down to his toes. Hence, the doctors decided to give him blood thinners. This caused another negative effect and he started bleeding internally.

Not just this but he also has had tremendous damage done to his lungs. Amanda explains that the damage on his lungs has been so much that it seems as if Nick had been smoking for 50 years.