Nick Cannon; an American Comedian and television anchor have mastered the trick to make people smile. In a recent post by his girlfriend, the couple has announced that they are going to have twins. On Sunday, De La Rosa took to Instagram and shared a small clip of her pregnancy photoshoot, which revealed that the doting couple is going to embrace parenthood soon. The photos were just a snippet of the beautiful phase that Cannon and De La Rosa were a part of.

She posted the images along with a sweet little caption that contained her elation on getting a chance to become a mother to the two most beautiful sons to be. Moreover, her message also contained a heartfelt wish for her sons to have the ability and strength to find their true purpose in life, and pursue it to the fullest. She further stated that her sons are the true definition of a perfect gift. They will be supported unconditionally and loved irrevocably by the expectant couple.

The video posted by De La Rosa shows the dynamic couple posing intimately in a tranquil setting somewhere in the woods. Her post was a clear testament to the immense happiness that Cannon and her share over the news of their twin boys. The expectant mother also stated that the couple anticipates their arrival with zeal and fervor.

Cannon had become a household name when he starred in “Wild n Out” and “The Masked Singer.” Last December, he welcomed a beautiful baby girl with his ex-girlfriend, Brittany Bell. He had been dating another popular actor rumored to be Jessica White when the news of Bell’s pregnancy started doing the rounds. Just after the news broke, Cannon split up from White to be a part of Bell’s life.

Before getting together with De La Rosa, he was rumored to be with Lanisha Cole. At that time, Cannon sent Valentine’s Day gifts to all the three girls that he had allegedly been with. The girls took to different social mediums to show their followers the unique gifts that Cannon had given them in love. However, Cannon made a choice, and now, he is happily embracing the role of father once again.