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Kathryn Kates the Seinfeld actress died fighting lung cancer

Kathryn Kates, who appeared in Seinfeld and Many Saints of Newark, died at 73

"After a hard-fought battle with lung cancer," Kathryn Kates couldn’t hold it for longer. The American and Veteran character actress, Kathryn Kates, with credits like Seinfeld and Orange Is the...
Cardi B receives $4M in a libel lawsuit against Tasha K

Cardi B receives $4M as compensation for the damages incurred over a win in...

American singer and rapper Cardi B has received around $4 Million as compensation for the damages incurred in a libel lawsuit against YouTuber Latasha Kebe for claiming that the...
how to make Galaxy

Facing low volume issues? Here’s how to make Galaxy Buds louder

Ever since Samsung launched its Galaxy Buds, people have been complaining about its low sound. Even if you keep your phone volume full, it is not impressively loud. For...
Georgia - bill signed to remove obscene material and books

Georgia – Bill signaled to give parents the right to protest books and school...

Republicans of the Georgia House signaled that they will be pushing forward a proposal that would allow the parents to protest against books and other school materials, which they...
Wisconsin - Deputy shot multiple times while foot pursuit

Wisconsin – Deputy shot in a foot pursuit, suspect still at large

Wisconsin – a deputy was shot in foot pursuit while conducting a traffic stop on early Wednesday morning. He was shot multiple times while the suspected shooter fled the scene...
Elton postpones his Dallas concerts after testing positive

Elton John too postpones 2 Dallas concerts after Adele, post testing Covid positive

Elton John has to postpone his much-hyped Dallas concerts after the artist contracted Covid a week following resuming his farewell tour. After two years of hiatus, the 74-year-old singer had...
Peter Robbins - original Charlie Brown voice dies at 65

Peter Robbins, the original voice of “Charlie Brown” dies at 65

Peter Robbins – the original voice of Charles Schultz’s “Charlie Brown” and a former child actor died at the age of 65. Peter Robbins was born in 1956, and he...
Justin Timberlake to appear in Janet Jackson’s documentary

Justin Timberlake to surprise fans in Jackson’s documentary post 18 years “Nipplegate” scandal?

Justin Timberlake is all set to shock his fans with a surprise entry in Janet Jackson’s documentary! After 18 years of memorable Super Bowl performance, Justin Timberlake is anticipated...
Tim Cook and celebrities who got stalked in recent years

Tim Cook – Stalker Alert! Apple files restraining order against the Virginian stalker woman

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, has requested to issue a restraining order against his stalker - the Virginia woman, showed up at his home twice or more and sent him...
How to delete Parler accoun

Letting go of the “free speech” app: How to delete Parler account

There have been several controversies involving Parler as a platform, therefore, deleting your Parler account in today’s climate makes sense. No matter the reasons behind your decision, we are...