An asteroid has recently been identified. According to reports by the European Space Agency, the asteroid can cause potential harm to earth by hitting it in the next ten years.  Asteroids are rocky objects that are small enough to not be labeled as major planets. They are always revolving around the sun. They are also known as minor planets.

There are presently more than 600,000 known space rocks in our close planetary system. Most space rocks are found circling in the Asteroid Belt.

The agency said that the asteroid has been put on the list of harmful objects near the planet earth and will be monitored closely. The calculations say that the asteroid might hit earth on August 31st in 2029.

The asteroid is said to travel at a rate of 46,000kph towards the earth. The size of the asteroid is very small but it can still cause harm to the earth, even if it’s going to be minute.

The object is of a similar size to another asteroid that burst in Russia. The object caused damage to several buildings in form of a blast and therefore, the new asteroid is being monitored closely this time.

The Chelyabinsk meteor was a little space rock that broke over the city of Chelyabinsk, Russia in 2013. The impact was more grounded than an atomic blast, setting off identifications from observing stations as distant as Antarctica.

Later investigation revealed that the energy released by the blast was equivalent to many atomic bombs combined.

The asteroid will pass by Earth on the 2nd of September. The astronomers will be able to find more details and particular information about the project then.