Newcastle fans are excited about the Saudi Arabian led takeover as it may open new doors of opportunities for the club.

This could be Newcastle United’s big break that would help them return to the field. The lack of investments in the past did not allow them to return, nor grow as a team. This takeover is a golden chance for Newcastle to become one of the richest clubs in the world.

Newcastle may, however, face several obstacles before it can receive these investments. These hindrances can delay the takeover process. Sources suggest that the Premier League is not in the favor of this takeover.

The Premier League is under the pressure of Qatar. beIn Sports is a global network of sports channels that is based in Qatar. This global network has a huge investment in the Premier League, which gives them the authority to influence their decisions.

Politically, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are not on good terms with each other. Due to their strained relations, Qatar is dismissing all efforts made by Saudi Arabia to make a huge investment in Newcastle United.

Although all arrangements have been prepared for the investments, the Premier League is yet to approve the deal. Due to its significant role in this situation, the venture between Newcastle and Saudi Arabia may not begin without its approval.

Another major hindrance in the takeover was that a broadcaster, BeoutQ was illegally broadcasting the Premier League in Saudi Arabia and was taking content from other leagues as well.

To deal with this issue, the UK government had to intervene and block the Saudi-led £300m takeover to force the Saudi government to take action on implementing international laws on piracy.

Angus MacNeil, a member of the UK parliament, wrote to the trade secretary Liz, briefing her regarding the issue.

After this, the Saudi government took action by issuing a statement on the SAIP (Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property). This statement explained that the KSA government would block illegal websites and would impose heavy fines on them. It also claimed that the government had initiated an online inspection campaign to catch the culprits who are involved in these illegal activities.

The authorities would further close down such websites or cancel their commercial license. Along with this, they may imprison the people responsible for violating intellectual property rights.

The actions by Saudi Arabia have helped the deal move a step forward. This arrangement is crucial for Newcastle in order to grow as a team and eventually succeed in future games. However, uncertainties remain and the signing of the deal may still not happen any time soon.