New Yorkers must choose between the two candidates; Republican Curtis Sliwa and Democrat Eric Adams. While both of them are pushing hard to win, Election Day will tell who the public wants.

If Eric Adam wins, New Yorkers will see the second Black mayor for the city, while for Curtis Sliwa to win, he must overcome the city’s 7 to 1 Democrat registration benefit.

Eric Adams is optimistic about the ongoing elections as he has managed to strike a balance with moderate messages. If he wins, he will make headlines around the country.

Hank Sheinkopf, the  Democratic strategist, said to CBS2, “Should Adams become the mayor, he will be a national Democratic figure. Why? He’s an African American, he’s blue collar, he’s in the center, he’s an ex-cop, and he’s talked about reducing crime without reducing police. Pretty significant facts. Progressives are not going to like him,”

When CBS2’s Dick Brennan asked Eric Adams “if he thinks he will have less than enthusiastic support from progressive voters.”

He replied, “I spoke to voters. In life, you are supposed to do the work, and the work will speak for itself. Now to New Yorkers, do the rest,”

When the county was seeing vaccine mandates, Adams remained quiet as he said,  Mayor Bill de Blasio is still in power.

“He’s the mayor. He must sit down with the unions to keep the city safe,” said Adams.

While the Republican opponent, Curtis Sliwa, said “these mandated will go” if he comes.

He further promised to shed his signature red beret from Guardian Angels.

He plans to keep pushing the attack to win the mayorship of the state, even with an injured arm after being caught in an accident.

“Never had a problem with the subways. I have only problems with yellow cabs,” said Sliwa.

Since early voting was a failure, with just 3 percent of the residents participating, everyone is anticipating Tuesday’s results.