The New York Times accused the Battle of Biden on Wednesday, revealing to Fox News that detailed ideas that had been “wrongly” circulated by prominent Democrats portrayed the newspaper’s competitor whistleblower.

“Buzzfeed provided details about the Biden Crusade’s argument, which erroneously proposed a New York Times inspection and found that Tara Reade’s claim” has not happened. “Anyway, our review did not make any decision “A representative of the New York Times said in the announcement. “As Buzzfeed accurately detailed, our story found three former Senate assistants, Reid said she complained to them at the same time, and everyone either didn’t remember the episode or said it didn’t happen.”

The representative went on to say: “This story also includes the former assistants who recalled Reade’s work and finished the work everywhere. This happened at a similar period when Reade said she was suddenly transferred. The Times also told her companions, Reade told her that the statement at the time was subtle; the status of another companion and Red’s compatriots let them know about the terrible sexual behavior including Biden.

On Tuesday, BuzzFeed News revealed that despite the Crusades ’firm rejection of different news sources, the assistant to former Vice President Joe Biden was interviewed by Reade in a sufficiently large context to facilitate different Democrats Exchanges to make this issue work. Once fully verified and determined to be unnecessary products. “

As the copy of the BuzzFeed news obtained from two independent Democratic agents indicated, these ideas continue: “This is the main issue. Vice President Joe Biden has been in public for more than 40 years: the Senate 36 years; the Senate 7 Battles, past 2 presidential campaigns, two vices, presidential campaigns, and stayed in the White House for 8 years. There have never been protests, accusations, insights, or talks about such misconduct or misconduct against him.

Even so, it is clear that the two unambiguous Democrats on Biden’s alternate vice president’s waiting list undoubtedly referred to the New York Times report and fully respected the possible elected Democrats: Former Governor of Georgia Stacey Abrams and Sen. Amy Klobuchar (Minnesota).

“I accept that ladies have the right to express their opinions, and I accept what happened here. The request was heard and investigated, which is usually not the case for too many ladies. The New York Times directs strict inspections in the Times. “In the audit report or other subsequent reports, nothing is more important than Joe Biden’s suggestion that I absolutely thought of: he will make the ladies happy to be the successor to the US president.”

I think the case has already been heard. I know that the Vice President is an important pioneer of residential abuse, and I have worked with him.