A New York theater based in Elmira, cancelled the shows of the hit drama “Waitress” because of a shortage of labor. They blamed the shortage of staff as the prime reason for the cancelation of the show at the very last minute.

The theater – Clemens Center pulled off the performances of waitress scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday respectively announcing the cancellation “due to labor shortages this morning and concerns with putting on the production safely.”

The cancelation was announced on the official website of the theater.

It is unclear whether the cancellation was actually because of the shortage of staff or due to some other unforeseen circumstances faced by the theatre.

Just a day before, the Clemens center was seen “encouraging people to buy tickets for waitress” on its website and other social media platforms.

Clemens center was seen

The theater posted the cancellation news on its Twitter and Facebook accounts around 11: 30 am on Monday, hardly eight hours before the performance.

According to the reports, a number of workers are quitting their jobs in the theater and other performing arts industry because of the pandemic.

“People are cutting corners and scrambling to do what they can without enough workers on the ground,” one senior backstage professional said. “If this situation continues, we’ll come to the point where there are show stoppages, where there are accidents.”

All of those who bought the tickets for the show of Waitress at the Clemens Center are asked to patiently wait for a reschedule of the dates of performance which will be announced: “as soon as possible”.

The ticket price of the Waitress was priced between $37 and $67. According to the production designers and technicians associated with the theater, they are highly understaffed and if these conditions prevail, it will get very tough to stage performances of different shows.